Hi there. My name is Christian Stranne, and welcome to my humble digital abode.

Please feel free to look around and read on if you’d like to know a bit more about what I do…

I’m a singer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. That is to say, I love being creative, but I’m also a total nerd.

Because of my versatility, my career has weaved through studios, stages, a cappella, film, theme parks, publishing, engraving, app development, and countless other situations that have given me a wide perspective on music, creativity, and business. With every new situation, I seek to deepen my knowledge, bring in top-tier professionals, and create great music, all the while exploiting my training and experience to serve the greater vision.

Collaborators and clients of mine include Rozzi Crane, ABC Family, Thinkwell GroupHaley Klinkhammer, and Cloudwalkers, among many others.

Now you know about me, but I hope my music can speak for itself. If you like what you hear, please connect with me on SoundCloud, Facebook, LinkedIn, or by using my contact page.